I need help and you do too!

Here's something to lesson the help you need!
1 See if your cat can juggle.
2 See if dogs can high five hamsters while drinking chocolate milk!
3 If you have a fish, have a staring contest.
4 If you are in a car at a stop light, stare at the people in the car next to you.
5 Pretend you are a cactus.
6 Watch explosions.
7 Come to my website darlings. ;)
8 See if peanuts can speak Spanish.
9 See if tacos speak French.
10 Count how many seeds are in a pumpkin!
11 Train your dog to bring you a lollipop when you say potato.
12 See if your cat can play Marco Polo.
13 Read the label on your ketchup bottle.
14 See if mustard can do the Cha-Cha Slide.
15 Build a bomb fort out of ice cream.
16 Test out your bomb fort.
17 Do not call a lawyer if your bomb fort does not work.
18 Explain to your parents that it wasn't my fault.
19 Pretend that your most annoying sister or brother is a llama.
20 Do the chicken dance and say "I'm a crazy meatball!"
The End!!! now you don't need as much help as you did before you read this!